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    Over 40,000 questions and explanations.

    We understand the curiosity of students, thats why we have provided interfaces for students to browse the questions based on subject, chapter, topic, entrance and year wise. Student can check their level of preparation or can study the questions and explanations provided in this sections.

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    Test Triad

    A revision based test designed for practice only. Before appearing other tests practice here for better results. You can test yourself based on questions filtered according to chapter & subject. Statistics are not recorded for this tests. This test specifically designed for the students when they have small time slots available. Utilize your every small time chunks scattered between your busy study schedule.

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    Singleton Test

    Subject wise test designed to clear concepts based on subjectwise, chapterwise and topicwise questions. This test is efficient to test your subjective or topic based knowledge. Statistics are recorded for this test so be prepared before apeearing this test as it may ruin your overall records. you will be provided summary of each tests you appeared and your probable rank.

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    Grand Test

    Attempt this test when you have completed your all subjects. This test will give you an idea about the real test scenario in entrances. Be prepared enough to get a clear position according to your efforts. All test statistics are recorded.

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    Endurance Group Test

    Group tests are conducted between all registered students based on new pattern of examinations designed to test your in-depth knowledge of the subject. This tests include new questions based on new exam pattern by our dedicated team. All notifications regarding to this test will be sent to your dashboard.