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Ultimate Solution To Medical and Engineering Entrances

We understand the needs of students. That is why our efforts and solutions are powered by technology individually crafted for each of our aspirants.

Optimized Study

Get the power of technology to boost up your concepts.

Various Exams Level

Get multiple types of exams at your fingertips.

Statistics Driven

Measure your knowledge level.

Exhaustive Revision

Get various small and full tests with exam directed questions.



Get yourself prepared for brainstorming with a huge repository of questions.


Plan your exam attempts, closely observe your statistics and put your strength in future plans.


Maintain your accuracy while your thought process is on. Accuracy boosts your results.


Maintain your speed while maitaining your accuracy. This is one of the keys to success.

Medu Quest Features

Enrollment will subscribe you for

1. Get Access to incredible huge collection of questions with well-explained answers.
  • 2. You can browse entire question by sorting subject wise, chapter wise, topic wise, entrance & year wise.
  • 3. Unlimited short tests to freshen up your concepts.
  • 4. 200 Subject wise tests per registration is more than enough for daily revision.
  • 5. 100 Full Subject tests per registration is during late sessions will build up your confidence.
  • 6. Acess to our Test Series will keep you update about the latest trends in examinations.
  • 7. Group test amongst the registered student create a simulation of actual entrance test and predict your probable rank.
  • 8. All questions are elaborately explained. You can even submit our questions for re-explanations.
  • 9. Even you can submit your own questions which will get explained by our faculty team.
  • 10. Get access to all your test statistics right from the beginning in you dashboard.
  • 11. Get notified about recent updates and questions.
  • 12. You can add confusing questions to your Study List and review it later in your dashboard.
  • 13. You can submit your requests, queries, and feedback to us, and we will try our best to serve you.
  • 13. Lastly, we are neither involved in nor publish your success in any manner, but you can comment us or share your success stories with us.